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15 December 2011 @ 02:27 pm

Your result for The Golden Compass Daemon Test...                

Multi-Faceted Soul

In a way, you are a truly balanced person. You have a good sense of self, but you have periods of worry and self doubt. You don't like to be alone a lot, but you don't like being constantly surrounded, either. You can be shy in some situations and bold in others. You can tell people how you feel, but you don't wear your heart on your sleeve. You aren't "TOO" anything: You aren't too shy, you aren't too aggressive, you aren't too extroverted, you aren't too introverted. However at any one time you can be any combination of these things.

You tend to adapt yourself to match the situations in which you find yourself. You may be quiet and sensitive with some people, or joking and loud with others. These are all facets of your personality. People tend to perceive you as they want to perceive you. They may even tend to idealize you a bit. Then, when you do something that doesn't fit their concept of who you are (like have an outburst of anger, or a fit of shyness, or make an insensitive joke)they can be shocked and surprised. Does anyone know the real you?

Your daemon would represent your multi-faceted and ever-changing personality, as well as people's tendency to idealize you. He or she would get angry when you did not, be calm and poised when you felt ruffled and anxious, and always be the voice of emotion and reason in your ear.

Suggested forms:
Swan, Elephant, Koala, Panda, Chameleon, Wolf.

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18 November 2011 @ 10:17 am
Originally posted by dynamicsymmetry at Congress wants to take away your internet.
Folks, I know you're tired of me yelling at you, but you should be aware that there's a hearing this morning being held by the US House Judiciary Committee on a "copyright" bill that will essentially break the entire internet.

You like the internet, right? I mean, you're here.

From the link above:

As drafted, the legislation would grant the government and private parties unprecedented power to interfere with the Internet's domain name system (DNS). The government would be able to force ISPs and search engines to redirect or dump users' attempts to reach certain websites' URLs. In response, third parties will woo average users to alternative servers that offer access to the entire Internet (not just the newly censored U.S. version), which will create new computer security vulnerabilities as the reliability and universality of the DNS evaporates.

It gets worse: Under SOPA's provisions, service providers (including hosting services) would be under new pressure to monitor and police their users’ activities. While PROTECT-IP targeted sites “dedicated to infringing activities,” SOPA targets websites that simply don’t do enough to track and police infringement (and it is not at all clear what would be enough). And it creates new powers to shut down folks who provide tools to help users get access to the Internet the rest of the world sees (not just the “U.S. authorized version”).

This is being framed as an attempt to fight hackers and pirates. Don't buy it. And don't think for a minute that it's going to stop there. This is bad. And at the hearing today, only one opponent of the bill is being allowed to testify.

Please do whatever you can to fight this. Email congresspeople. Sign petitions. Yell about it in every venue you can.


13 November 2011 @ 10:37 pm
I need a beta. Can someone help me with a fic that I'm writing for the hgcrossovers exchange? I just need someone to make sure that my characters aren't OOC. Is there anyone you guys can recommend? I'd ask my beta but she's been busy taking care of a three year old and a newborn. I would appreciate any help. Thank you.
12 November 2011 @ 12:19 am
Big thanks to aaronlisa, scifichick774, and dhfreak for the birthday wishes.

Its been a good day today. I'll write more tomorrow since its late. I'm just really happy right now.
11 November 2011 @ 12:40 pm
My birthday. I always love my birthday because my husband often refuses to tell me what we're doing on my birthday. The one thing I do know is that my nephew and my nieces have a surprise for me. It'll be the first birthday that I get to see them. I'll write more details later.
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11 November 2011 @ 12:20 pm
Step One
•Make an LJ post. It can be public or friends only, whatever you’re most comfortable with.
The post should contain your list of ten holiday wishes, and these wishes can be anything - from simple (a fan fiction written about your favorite pairing), to medium (a DVD you want), to really extravagant (a brand new laptop or car).
Just make sure these are wishes for things you really truly want.

Step Two
•Skim through your friends list and see who has posted their own wish lists.
Then - and this is the most important part - if you find a wish you can grant, and it’s in your heart to do so, make sure that person’s wish comes true.
Sometimes a person’s trash is another person’s treasure.
If you have a leather jacket you don’t want or a gift certificate you’re never going to use, give it to someone who wants it.

Step Three
• Post this wish list any time after November 1st. Then repost it two weeks before Christmas.

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01 October 2011 @ 12:04 pm
I forgot to mention that I just recently got into a show called Glee. I honestly didn't think I'd get into this show and after watching the episode after the superbowl, I was intrigued but I still never really tried to watch the episodes or catch up with the seasons. The only reason why I got into a show was because of one person....well two.

My mother in law and a guy named Damian McGinty.

this is him.

I don't know if any of you listen to a group called Celtic Thunder. But if you lived in my house, you would know who they are, what songs they sing and you probably would know the order of the songs if you watched the DVDs over and over again. I'll admit that I'm a fan of them too since I've seen the DVDs so many times. But back to the topic, the reason why he was part of the reason was because there was a show called the Glee Project going on and he was on it. At first my mother in law was a little recluntant to watch Glee and we watched it because of him.  We got hooked after a few episodes and now we're waiting for the day that he comes on since he won the Glee Project. I've been meaning to tell this story because usually people get into a show because they watched an episode of the show and liked it. I got into the show because my MIL is a Celtic Thunder fan and he's going to be in it.

Its a strange reason to get into a show.
27 September 2011 @ 07:25 pm
Just wanted to let you know that I was still here. I haven't been able to get online because of my babysitting duties. The only thing I've been able to fulfill is my newsletter and mod duties since that's what I have time for. I hope everyone else is doing okay.
11 September 2011 @ 08:07 pm
Where were you?
I don't remember exactly when we found out. I was in eighth grade at the time living in Fayetteville, North Carolina. No one knew what was going on since they turned out the lights in the school and the only thing we had to rely on was TV, but even then no one let the students know what was going on. It wasn't until we were heading to the lunch that I saw images on the TV in the library. It was haunting to see and I was scared for the people that were there. I thought about my mom and my brothers at home. Students of miltary soldiers were getting checked out of school and those of us that were left just sat in different classrooms, watching the news. No one talked. Everyone was haunted by the images we were seeing. I asked in my head over and over, Why? Why would someone do this?
20 July 2011 @ 09:18 pm

The hgbigbang  hgbigbang  community has now opened. This big bang is centered around the awesome Hermione Granger.  Everyone is welcome to join. You can be an author, an artist, a beta, or a cheerleader.  all fics are welcome whether its a crossover or au.  Sign ups begin Sept 1. So please come and be a member.