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Little Riri's World

The Crazy Life of A Small Texan Girl

11 November 1987
After looking over my bio, I think its time for me to update this thing. So let me tell you about myself. My name is Maria but people call me by various nicknames Goober, Smurf, Gidget or my personal favorite Ria. I'm 23 years old but I look like I can still be in middle school. Even got mistaken for an elementary student once. I'm a Texas girl born and raised. I love to write. Whether its a letter to someone, writing in my journal, or writing fanfiction or original work. People are surprised by how much I write but its something I have done since I was kid. I enjoy making friends with people though at times I'm a shy person. But once we become friends, you might find it hard to shut me up ;). If you are interested in becoming friends, just send me a pm or add me as a friend.

My friend policy is open, but you will have to be over 18 to read some of them. My language isn't the cleanest and for that reason is why you have to be over 18.

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